An Experimental Horse Racing System

- concerning NH handicap hurdle races

- between 0 and 3 tips a day of varying quality...

- tips that are in plain text below are not proofed, and don't affect the R.O.I. value win or lose,
  they are the first cut of a filtering process that makes use of the publically available racecard information

- tips labeled 'PROOFED TIP', pass a final mathematical expectation* filter,
  they are delivered by email from my Sellfy store - click on the Sellfy button

* note this implies a system sophisticated enough to generate odds independently of the popular consensus


- the Sellfy button is enabled when there are PROOFED TIPs, and the those tips are not timed out
- the Sellfy button is disabled when all tips are in plain text
- the Sellfy button is disabled when there are no tips at the moment

Today's tips - for PROOFED TIPs, click the Sellfy button